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The Story of easyblinds in Suffolk

Based just outside of Southwold, on Suffolk’s picturesque East Coast of England, easyblinds was founded by Audrey Buck. The business idea was born from a challenge Audrey was facing as a new parent, getting her child to nap during the day.

A friend suggested to blackout the nursery to help her child to doze off during the day, so Audrey experimented with a DIY hack bin-liners to create blackout blinds – which worked a treat. Audrey was inspired to create a more practical solution which could help even more parents. She took matters into her own hands and created her own blackout blinds from scratch – thus easyblinds was born!

Word of Audrey’s creation spread across her friends, and more and more products were requested through word of mouth. The business grew organically from there and led to her making her own website for easyblinds officially in 2002. 

Audrey decided to launch easyblinds on Amazon in 2008, which further grew the brands awareness and was instrumental in helping expand into different markets. They’ve made the most of SME seller university resources and their account manager to guide them through, The Amazon Brand Registry service has also been an important helping protect their intellectual property, including various designs, design registrations, and trademarks. Audrey says that Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) in 2011 was the gamechanger, taking weight off their hands and enabling them to make 80-90% of their sales through Amazon.

“Amazon has been an invaluable partner on our journey. Without Amazon’s assistance, expanding our overseas presence in Europe and the USA wouldn’t have been nearly as seamless or successful. It’s safe to say we wouldn’t be a million-pound business without Amazon.”

Audrey Buck, Founder of easyblinds

What started off as a single product designed to help parents with children has now diversified to a range of more than 80! And easyblinds products are used by a range of people from night-shift workers to those who have bright street lamps outside their bedroom or busy roads.