Emma Bridgewater

Source from Shopify

Emma Bridgewater, that classic English brand, has gone mobile

Companies don’t come more English than Emma Bridgewater, the iconic British home and kitchen brand. For nearly 35 years it has represented the quintessential English look, its ceramics and pottery synonymous with the UK. Emma Bridgewater has proven itself remarkably nimble, perfectly strategic, and on the cutting edge of ecommerce.

With Shopify Plus, Emma Bridgewater has enjoyed:

  • A 13% increase in mobile revenue
  • A 32% boost in new users
  • A £190,000 sale day immediately after migrating

Emma Bridgewater had sold online for some time, but the company found its site had grown old, a little out of date, and no longer reflected the brand’s significant place in English culture. The company needed a shot in the arm, a way to take a website that was nearly five years old and whip it into shape. Emma Bridgewater identified mobile, particularly an improved user experience that would allow for easier search and shopping, as among its top priorities. As it moved forward with mobile, Emma Bridgewater would also target a renewed emphasis on multi-currency ecommerce.

  • to ensure its currency checkout options were pushed properly to its new site.
  • with a new capacity for better data tracking by region, the company could more accurately make decisions about how to best serve each market.

Emma Bridgewater turned to a Shopify Plus Agency Partner, to lead its migration, and made certain that Emma Bridgewater’s new site and all of its customer, product, and order fulfillment data was totally synced with its Netsuite enterprise resource planning software.

What came next was an international roll-out of its new site, pushed to its global pages which sold in four currencies: the pound, the euro, the U.S. dollar, and the Australian dollar. Shopify Plus allowed it to track sales data by region. With newfound confidence, the brand is considering which global markets to capture more aggressively next.

Since replatforming with Shopify Plus, Emma Bridgewater could claim a 32% increase in mobile users and a 13% increase in mobile revenue.

Almost immediately following its replatform, Emma Bridgewater’s new Shopify Plus site faced the demand of its famous summer sale. On the first day of the sale alone, Emma Bridgewater sold £190,000 online.

“It is quite a simple platform to get cracking with. We launched our biggest sale of the year a week after we launched the website” said Samantha Marsh, Ecommerce Manager.