Source from The Department for Business and Trade

EXEAT founder Laura Ward explains how upskilling her team, learning about how to trade online internationally, has upped their game!

EXEAT is a luxury British tennis brand that specializes in creating high end sustainable apparel inspired by grass court play. The brand focuses on delivering world-class athletic performance through award-winning court wear, combining EXEAT’s signature tailoring for a performance led beautifully sculpted fit. An essential aspect of the brand is its commitment to sustainability, utilising pioneering sustainable fabrics with an ultra-low carbon footprint throughout the entire collection. The brand aims to embody the elegance of grass court and all court play while emphasising the importance looking great as well as contributing to a sustainable future.

EXEAT went global on day one through online sales as well as high street shops contributing to its rapid growth. Learning quickly was an essential part of this development and having access the Department for Business and Trade’s UK Export Academy was key to providing a quick and easy way to learn on the job. Founder Laura Ward and her team were able to learn from the comfort of the office through a suite of online modules. It gave the whole team access to masterclasses on everything they needed to know from understanding VAT in Europe to all you need to know about international tax and financial compliance and the importance of cyber security and data protection.

Learning about how to trade internationally and use e-commerce successfully has helped EXEAT become an international success story, exporting its products to more than 60 countries.