Morph Costumes

Source from Amazon

From Spandex Suits to Global Phenomenon: The Rise of Morph Costumes

The Edinburgh-based company started out as a small business selling party clothes, with a particular focus on Halloween costumes. Morph Costumes was launched in 2009 by friends, Fraser Smeaton, Ali Smeaton, and Gregor Lawson. The idea was born after one of the trio attended a fancy-dress party in a spandex suit – garnering a lot of attention! Realising there was a gap in the market for a high-quality version, the trio developed six versions of the iconic Morph suit.

They started with just £1000 from their savings each and sold the spandex costumes from their homes, initially intended to be just a side-hustle. However, after one year they turned over £1m and it compelled them to dive headfirst into the booming Halloween industry. They now have over a thousand different costume designs!

The United States quickly became their largest market, due to the popularity of Halloween. The company has capitalized on the growing global interest in Halloween, noting that it was growing in popularity in nearly every country.

In 2015, the company listed on Amazon to get better control over product presentation and content. This step allowed direct consumer engagement and significantly increased sales. Changes to their business model were facilitated by Amazon’s logistics tools, particularly Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which allowed them to reach millions of customers and simplified the export process. With logistics covered, the company was able to focus on its core strengths: designing new costumes and marketing them effectively.

“The decision to join Amazon was pivotal, with it now accounting for 85% of our global sales. It has been instrumental in our international expansion across Europe and North America allowing us to lift and drop our range into new markets at scale.” says Fraser Smeaton.

The company is continuing to seek areas for growth and has its eyes set on Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Singapore, and Australia.